Friday, July 18, 2014

A Letter

Dear Friday,

If you had asked me on Monday, you were going to be my favorite day this week.  I was excited for your arrival as it meant that I would be leaving work early to head to the beach.  I was so excited to spend the weekend at the beach with my sister and nephews.  I haven't seen them since Memorial Day and wanted to get away for the weekend.  Sadly, Will has a cousin that passed away and our trip got cancelled.  At first, I was annoyed and wanted to stomp my feet and cry and tell Will "I've never even met this cousin and you haven't seen him in 7 years."  I won't say I wasn't a little whiney about it (and a couple other disappointments this week), but I'm mostly over it now.  Will volunteered to go with his mom to the funeral so that I could go ahead to the beach.  Of course, I want to do that, but no one wants to be that girl.  "Hey Will-where's your new wife?"  "Oh, she went to the beach..."  Yeah, like I said, no one wants to be that girl.  I'm an adult and can deal with life's disappointment.  After all, someone lost a son.  Someone else lost a father.  Another person lost a spouse.  I can handle a missed beach trip. 

So, Friday, you've been just another day.  Maybe next Friday will bring along something more exciting. 

Your frenemy,

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Beth said...

Loving all the new(er) posts!!! Hope you are doing well!