Friday, July 18, 2014

A Letter

Dear Friday,

If you had asked me on Monday, you were going to be my favorite day this week.  I was excited for your arrival as it meant that I would be leaving work early to head to the beach.  I was so excited to spend the weekend at the beach with my sister and nephews.  I haven't seen them since Memorial Day and wanted to get away for the weekend.  Sadly, Will has a cousin that passed away and our trip got cancelled.  At first, I was annoyed and wanted to stomp my feet and cry and tell Will "I've never even met this cousin and you haven't seen him in 7 years."  I won't say I wasn't a little whiney about it (and a couple other disappointments this week), but I'm mostly over it now.  Will volunteered to go with his mom to the funeral so that I could go ahead to the beach.  Of course, I want to do that, but no one wants to be that girl.  "Hey Will-where's your new wife?"  "Oh, she went to the beach..."  Yeah, like I said, no one wants to be that girl.  I'm an adult and can deal with life's disappointment.  After all, someone lost a son.  Someone else lost a father.  Another person lost a spouse.  I can handle a missed beach trip. 

So, Friday, you've been just another day.  Maybe next Friday will bring along something more exciting. 

Your frenemy,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Taking Stock

My friend Leanne got this idea, so I thought I would join the fun: 

Cooking: chicken on the grill, veggies, quinoa salad
Drinking: anything cold...water, sparkling water, beer, white wine, beer margaritas
Reading: I'm looking for my next book - any suggestions?  I've recently finished the newest James Patterson books and the Divergent series.
Wanting: a pedicure with a nice, bright coral color
Looking: for a new couch - need something smaller scale with slipcovers for an upstairs loft area
Playing: Sequence, Heads Up
Deciding: when to do/share certain things
Wishing: I could do whatever I want whenever I want
Enjoying: days at the lake and boat rides
Waiting: to be at the beach this weekend with some of my favorite people
Liking: the summer highlights in my hair
Wondering: what the remainder of the summer holds
Loving: my husband of almost 10 months - he is an amazing man!
Considering: buying a new dress for an upcoming wedding
Watching: the Bachelorette and other bad summer television
Hoping: this week goes by fast
Marvelling: at the way some people act/behave
Needing: to take some zyrtec
Smelling: nothing, because I can't take zyrtec
Wearing: shorts and flip flops as often as possible
Following: Katie's journey
Noticing: that things often don't work out the way we plan
Knowing: that God has a plan
Thinking: that it's time to hit the gym
Feeling: like I need to do some work on myself
Admiring: how some people have such positive attitudes and outlooks
Buying: new flip flops - my favorite Havaianas broke on my last beach trip
Getting: over something
Disliking: feeling anxious about some things
Opening: all the air conditioning vents...HOT!
Giggling: with Will when we play Heads Up
Feeling: excited for the upcoming months

That's a good list of where I am at the moment....I'm sure it will change tomorrow!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Faves

Whoa, it's been a while.  Is anyone still even reading....anyone....Bueller...???  I'm going to post anyway :). 

I'm enjoying summer so far (with the exception of a couple of things - another story for another day).  Will and I spent Memorial Day with my family and then had a whole week at the beach in June.  Part of the week was just us and part was with his family.  I can sit on the beach all day like it's my job!  We had a nice 4th of July with his family at the lake and are headed back tomorrow to celebrate his mom's birthday.  Next weekend is another beach trip - though much shorter :(.

Here are some things I'm loving this summer:

1.  This Quinoa salad

The recipe is from Skinny Taste found here.  I skip the onions and, if I'm being honest, Will makes it better than I do even though he doesn't eat it.  I think it's the TLC he adds ;). 

2.  Avocados

I can't get enough!  Plain, mixed in a salad, guacamole--any way I can get them. 

3.  La Croix waters

My favorites are plain, peach-pear, and lime.  I want to try more flavors, but don't want to commit to a whole box.  I've never found them sold individually, though. 

4. NO-AD Sunscreen

I've been using this brand for many years - lotions and sprays.  My sensitive skin does well with it and it has good coverage.  Very affordable also, which is a plus since Will can go through a whole spray bottle in a day (don't get me started...).

5.  Boat rides on the lake

We don't have a boat, so it's nice to know people who do!  #merica

Hope y'all are having a great summer! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Faves - Wedding Version

Will and I have just celebrated a month of marriage.  It's safe to say we are still in the honeymoon phase....I wish we were back in Jamaica.....

I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding photos.  Our photographer was our friend, Deborah from Facing the Lens photography. 

Our church has a beautiful prayer labyrinth and garden that was put in this spring.  We got some great pictures there. 

We went with green as an accent color.  I loved my shoes

I also loved my hair clip and earrings
And, would you believe my dress was $99?!?!
I think Will approves ;)

My parents, Paul & Paula
Yes, Paul & Paula

My mom is so small that Will looks even taller in this picture. 

Love our simple, classic rings. 

We invited our families (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins) to be a part of the ceremony.  Then, we had a dinner in the fellowship hall.  

The reception was at Avondale Villa.  Our friends joined us for some drinks, dancing, and snacks. 

You couldn't drag me or my mom off the dance floor. 

It was such a great evening!  Nothing could have been more perfect.  Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Engagement is Almost Over!

Well, I haven't posted since Will and I got engaged and the wedding is Friday.  Everything is planned and ready.  3 days!  We have so many generous, helpful people in our life.  There have been many fun celebraions and lots of time with friends and family.  Will and I are both so excited about the wedding and reception. 

Here's some of our engagement photos.  Our photographer is our very talented friend, Deborah.  Check out her site!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Who said she would blog every day in May? Not me...

Who are we kidding.....why did I even think I could do half of the May blog posts?  I really did, then work and life happened.  All good, fun stuff.  But not sit down at your computer and type about it stuff.  Too much other stuff to, getting engaged! 

The boyfriend, Will, proposed on June 14.  We had discussed getting married, but I was not expecting to get engaged then.  We are going to get married on September 20th at our church with family, followed by a reception to celebrate with friends & family.  Will and I are very excited and are blessed to have so many people excited for us.  Wedding plans are coming along well.  Church and reception site are booked.  Dress and shoes are bought.  Fabulous friends doing photography and flowers.  Honeymoon in Jamaica booked.  Pre-marital counseling in process.  Everything is falling right into place.  Please pray for Will and me and our upcoming marriage.  I know it won't always be easy, but I know it's what we both want and neither of us will ever stop working at it. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 7 - Fear

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you're most afraid of

After missing a couple of days (though, I did post about LASIK), I'm going to get back to the blog every day in May challenge to tell you a little about my fears.  In this previous post, I mentioned a little bit about that and how I deal with it.  Prayer and devotionals and scriptures are the best things for me when fear starts to take over. 

I'll just go ahead and be completely honest and admit that my biggest fear is that I will never have kids.  As irrational as it may be, you try being unmarried at 35 with no kids and tell me you don't have the same fear.  With Mother's Day fast approaching and people having babies all around, I have to try very hard to keep this fear in check.  I know that if it is God's will for me to have children, then I will.  Trouble is - I'm not fully clued in to God's will for me.  That's when my attempt at patience has to kick in.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5