Monday, July 14, 2014

Taking Stock

My friend Leanne got this idea, so I thought I would join the fun: 

Cooking: chicken on the grill, veggies, quinoa salad
Drinking: anything cold...water, sparkling water, beer, white wine, beer margaritas
Reading: I'm looking for my next book - any suggestions?  I've recently finished the newest James Patterson books and the Divergent series.
Wanting: a pedicure with a nice, bright coral color
Looking: for a new couch - need something smaller scale with slipcovers for an upstairs loft area
Playing: Sequence, Heads Up
Deciding: when to do/share certain things
Wishing: I could do whatever I want whenever I want
Enjoying: days at the lake and boat rides
Waiting: to be at the beach this weekend with some of my favorite people
Liking: the summer highlights in my hair
Wondering: what the remainder of the summer holds
Loving: my husband of almost 10 months - he is an amazing man!
Considering: buying a new dress for an upcoming wedding
Watching: the Bachelorette and other bad summer television
Hoping: this week goes by fast
Marvelling: at the way some people act/behave
Needing: to take some zyrtec
Smelling: nothing, because I can't take zyrtec
Wearing: shorts and flip flops as often as possible
Following: Katie's journey
Noticing: that things often don't work out the way we plan
Knowing: that God has a plan
Thinking: that it's time to hit the gym
Feeling: like I need to do some work on myself
Admiring: how some people have such positive attitudes and outlooks
Buying: new flip flops - my favorite Havaianas broke on my last beach trip
Getting: over something
Disliking: feeling anxious about some things
Opening: all the air conditioning vents...HOT!
Giggling: with Will when we play Heads Up
Feeling: excited for the upcoming months

That's a good list of where I am at the moment....I'm sure it will change tomorrow!

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Deborah said...

Book suggestion: The Poisonwood Bible if you haven't already read it. FANTASTIC! Y